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Who is TRYO?

The Toowoomba Regional Youth Orchestra is a modern-music orchestra based in Toowoomba, Queensland. We are passionate about bringing young musicians from across the Darling Downs together to play fun, challenging, epic music, all while growing together in our musical abilities.

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Our story.


The Toowoomba Regional Youth Orchestra was founded in 2017 by Tim Gray, with the idea of providing a large community music ensemble for the young musicians of Toowoomba who did not have access to such a group.

Players include students from a variety of educational settings and young adults looking to continue their music journey.

Our orchestra has been greatly supported by the Harlaxton RSL Brass Band, and Toowoomba City Church.

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Our music.


Our modern orchestral repertoire includes music from film, television, musical theatre, video games, pop songs, jazz, and classical greats. 

During 2020, we challenged ourselves to produce an online orchestra experience.

Each player recorded their own parts to some of our favourite pieces and then we edited everything together to create the sound of an orchestra during a time when playing together face-to-face wasn't an option.

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Our performances.


TRYO has performed at a variety of community events including the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, the Lions Christmas Wonderland of Lights, the Toowoomba City Library’s TooCon festivals and most recently the 2021 Highfields Community Carols. 


A highlight of past years has been our annual fundraising concert for Teen Challenge, in partnership with the Harlaxton RSL Brass Band. 


We’ve also had the opportunity to travel to Brisbane to perform with the Queensland Youth Orchestra for a couple of twilight concerts in Brisbane's iconic Old Museum Building.


Check us out on Facebook to keep up with our latest news and concert info.

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Our camps.

Themed Summer Camps

Each year in the summer school break we hold a themed music camp for all young musicians of Toowoomba and the surrounding region.  With themes such as Star Wars, superheroes and fantasy, our camps have become a great way for many players across the

Darling Downs to start their year.

The camps are also open to non-TRYO members, allowing many more players to join in the fun that is TRYO. 

Our 5th camp, the

Monster Summer Music Camp 2024, featured music from video game titles such as Shrek, Pacific Rim, Godzilla, Muppets and many more. 

Coming in 2025...

The Galactic Summer Music Camp

Music from galaxies far, far away (and some a little closer)

September Jazz Camp

Each Spring Holiday,  we hold a Jazz Camp for musicians and singers to come together to further their love of jazz music. During the 3-day camp, players developed their confidence in improvisation and ensemble playing, culminating in a wonderful evening concert. 

What do people say about our camps?

"This camp was some of the most fun I've had playing music ever"

"O got so much out of this camp. Swapping regular scales for jazz scales and improvising really pushed him out of his comfort zone"

BRISBANE, here we come!

Our first Brisbane Holiday Camp will be held in the Winter break from

June 26-28 at the Old Museum Building in Bowen Hills.

The theme?


Go here for more details!

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