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Each year, TRYO offers an exciting lineup of themed and specialized holiday music camps. From the epic soundscapes of galaxies far, far away to the intricate rhythms of jazz ensembles, our day camps offer a unique blend of musical exploration and community spirit. 

Open to all young musicians and singers, our camps are about bringing together music lovers to learn, play, and share in the joy of music, making each camp not just an event but a memorable part of your musical journey. 

Summer Camp


Our Themed Summer Music Camps offer young musicians and singers a unique opportunity to explore their musical passions through exciting themes ranging from Star Wars to Video Games.
Held annually in January during the summer school break, our 4-day camps culminate in a thrilling Finale Concert at Toowoomba's premier concert venue, the prestigious Empire Theatre’s Armitage Centre.

Beyond getting to play some of the most iconic soundtracks from favoured movies, TV and video games, our summer camp is a place where friendships are formed, teamwork is celebrated, and the shared passion for music creates lasting memories. 

Full Symphony Orchestra
Junior Ensemble
Vocal Ensemble


Past Summer Camps

Dive into our past summer camps themes and see the cool themes we've explored! From the awesome galaxy of Star Wars to stirring superhero themes, fantastical tunes, and even epic video game soundtracks, we've played it all! Each year is a new adventure in music and fun.

Check out our previous camps below and get excited for what's next!

TRYO Super Camp Concert-33.jpg

Winter Camp


Over the past five years, word has spread down the mountain and we’ve had a few Brisbane-ites make the trip and attend our summer camps.
We know our themed camps are immense fun and a great experience for those that attend. 

So this June 2024, we are holding our first themed camp in Brisbane! 
The SUPER Winter Holiday Camp

To be held from June 26-28th 2024 at
The Old Museum Building (home of QYO), Bowen Hills.

Campers will get to play all the epic music from the super hero genre that we can squeeze into three days.

Full Symphony Orchestra


Jazz Camp


Jazz Camp at TRYO is an annual  highlight, designed for musicians and singers who share a love of jazz. This immersive three-day experience is structured to enrich participants with practical techniques in improvisation, large (Big Band) and small ensemble playing, and vocal performance. The camp fosters a supportive environment where each musician, regardless of their prior jazz experience, can flourish and explore the genre's rich heritage and expressive potential.

The culmination of Jazz Camp is a vibrant evening concert, where participants get to showcase their development and passion for jazz to an audience of family, friends, and jazz aficionados. It's not just a camp; it's a celebration of jazz, an opportunity for personal growth, and a chance to connect with like-minded musicians.

In 2024, we're excited to expand our jazz offerings with the launch of the TRYO Jazz Ensemble, further nurturing the talents and aspirations of our jazz enthusiasts.  

What was the best thing about TRYO camps?

I loved the diversity of music, with a nice range of fun, challenging and recognisable pieces. I also love reconnecting with people at camp.

Nicola (Saxophone)

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