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Saturday Timings and Info

13 Jan 2023

10:26 am

Hey everyone! Well done for day 3! Thanks for all your help packing up at the church. 

Here’s some important information regarding tomorrow’s timings:

Arrival for Rehearsals

We need everyone to arrive at the Armitage Centre (Not the Baptist Church) at 9:30am. We can’t let anyone in the building earlier than that, but as soon as we’re in we will setup the orchestra to begin rehearsals. Please also drop off at the Neil St Entrance, (go to the left of the Empire church in the Empire Theatre grounds, not the main theatre itself.) Please do not use the Julia St entrance or carpark.

Everyone needs to bring:

  • Your music stand if it is a solid stand (it can have holes but the back panel must be one piece). If you own only a small fold out stand, you don’t need to bring it.

  • Instrument (including sticks)

  • Morning Tea and Lunch and water bottle (there is not a kitchen to access)

  • Camp Pencils

  • Anything you need for a day of rehearsals.

Pickup after rehearsals.

Every camper must be picked up at 4pm. We cannot allow campers to stay in the break between rehearsals and the concert, as the leadership team may need to leave the premises and will not be able to supervise. You can leave your instruments and music stands etc at the theatre during the break.

Concert Drop Off Time

All campers must be back at the Armitage Centre at 6pm to get ready for the concert at 6:30pm.

There’s no reason to arrive any earlier than 5:45pm as we will not be able to supervise children before then.

Please check the camp info area for information regarding dress code for performers.

NOTE: Ticket holders will not be able to enter the auditorium until Empire Theatre staff have opened the doors to audience.

The concert is also now sold out! Woohoo!

It’s gonna be an awesome day tomorrow, so sleep well and get super excited!

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